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Words are like darts

Sharpened and venom coated

Intended to injure

Aimed with precision

And released with the force

Of anger drawn  well.


When the wound starts

To fester  unreported

“Tis better to endure

A clean incision

Than live with the chaos

Of gangrenous cells


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Look at me!!

He had come home drunk again
Late into the night.
My mother was half asleep
In the dim light.

Nothing new there, it’s our daily fare
We were quite used to it.
I’m eight , my sister is younger
By just a wee bit.

We have a kid brother
Who can barely walk now
When our mother goes out to work
He becomes our tail, in tow.

She had cooked rice and a little dal
We’d eaten,but we knew the drill
She’d always wait for him to come
And eat after he’d had his fill.

He was drunk again, last night
With a temper quick to rise.
Mother railed at him,”You drunkard!
I’m waiting for your demise.”

She wasn’t really, I know
She always did as he bid.
She just hated the alchohol bit
I’ve known that since I was a kid.

The money that went drown the drain
Instead of paying for the rent and rice
The beatings that she had to bear
That was the hefty price.

“How do I know they’re mine?”
He’d shove her to the bed.
Some things we understood.
Some things went over our heads.

Last night ,he came home drunk again
And I got in the way
He flung me against the wall
Before I could say “Hey!”

“What happened?”, you ask, concerned
“What is this bandage you sport?”
Ah! My father came home drunk again
And he was out of sorts.


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Peephole view

I peeped in

Through the hole

And found

A lot of disarray.


Gaze within,

Without a sound

Appearances can

Deceive, I say.




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They had had their time

In the sun

Now they had shifted to the side

Beyond  their prime

But still having fun

In the hours of eventide


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This post is in response to the weekly photo challenge on the following link:


Entwined,but free…slender grace

Confident,contained,growing at her pace

You’d think she’s weak,but see her spirit rejoice

If she bends, why that’s her choice.


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The trail not taken

I’m glad about some choices

And the trails  not taken

Inviting though they’d been.

In my head loud  voices

Said I was mistaken

To ignore the oasis green.

But I’m glad I’d kept on gauging

My own timid intuitions

To guide me through the land

Where the contours kept on changing

And the mirage created illusions

On the shifting sands.

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“I am dumb to tell” -borrowed from Dylan Thomas

This is my contribution to the above link:  Hope you like it Amy:-)

You fling your chiselled  words at me

Well aimed, intended to hurt.

I twist and turn and then flee

My mind in disconcert.

Afar,  I find a place to sit

In a silent, empty nook

The darts embedded, I slowly pick

Quite a while, it took.

Then I heard the urgent  voice

Of the tiny red-hued drops.

And from my hurt , this I learnt

When your pain ends, mine stops.


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The heart has secrets

Trying to break the fetters

Exhausted , they sleep.


In the morning hour

I sit and sort out rancours

In two distinct heaps.


I’m in no hurry

I take my time to decide

What to throw and keep


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