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Dreaming through the twilight

That dream returns
To my eyes wide open
Memories churn
From aeons ago

Across the meadows
Through fences broken
Our scampering feet
Stop where the waters flow

Holding hands
We wait for a token
From the ripples
And the molten sun

And then we dive
Our past forgotten
And a story ends
Where it had begun.


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And then it rains!

They’re breaking rocks
Bare relentless skies;
Bare backs glistening
With streams of sweat;
And then….it rains!

Arms that lock
Passionate cries
Love lies straining
Before it rests
And then….it rains!

The withering crops
Foresee their demise
The farmer stands ruing
His life accursed
And then it …it rains!

The clock stops
When in her arms, he dies
The clouds all knowing
Share her regret
And then…it rains!

A rotting corpse
Amidst buzzing flies
The warfield brooding
Over bloodied breasts
And then…it rains.

Across the treetops
The pregnant skies
Smiles at the babe suckling
At the mother’s breasts
And then…it rains!!


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The forgotten tune

Back in time
Before I cried
For that which
I thought was mine

There was a child
Whose cord was tied
To the soul
Of the beauteous Divine.

Long ago
When I didn’t know
Of a heaven above
Or a hell below

Soul or spirit
Shore or tide
There were no limits
To matter or mind.

Light as gossamer
Bright as light
Like a shimmering stream
On a moonlit night

Soft music that bound
Yet set me free
To dwell in the dewdrop
And the infinite sea

Song that swept through
The morning so mild
And the tender smile
Of the sleeping child.

But somewhere along
The “I” arose
And the ethereal song
Got splintered and gross.

Each note then
Grew alien and strange
And went its own way
Beyond the blue range

Sometimes they listen
To a distant drum
A teardrop then glistens
On the strings that hum.

A shiver of ecstacy
A dizzy swoon
A longing to remember
The forgotten tune.

In the echoes of a conchshell
In the muezzin’s call
In the chime of the churchbells
From the spires tall

In the silence that settles
Into the heart of the night
In an unspoken word
In a breath so slight

In a moment of forgiveness
In a loving touch that’s pure
The music of oneness
Returns once more.

Submitted to

When we meet again
And sure we will
Drenched in the rain
Our hearts we’ll fill
With past remembrances
Some sad, some sweet
And we’ll walk o’er the grass
With naked feet.

I am very grateful to receive this appreciation and I accept it in all humility. I nominate


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