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All is right

When the stealthy seconds slip slowly by

On a chillingly calm and lonesome night

And a knowing , friendly star

Winks at me to quell my fears

When the breeze heaves a silent sigh

And fireflies trace a flickering flight

When a nightbird tweets from afar

And another replies from somewhere near

When the meadows echo an infant’s cry

And a mother croons somewhere out of sight

When the clouds conspire to crawl up and mar

The moonlit sky , so bright and clear

Then it is that my dreams refuse to die

And Beauty stalls the Winter’s blight

The lingering pain from old scars

Dissolve in the silence and all is right.


Posted by on February 21, 2013 in Poetry


One billion rising

One billion voices rising

Let me add mine

No miracles in the offing

But for now it’s just fine

That the waters are rippling

And along the skyline

More kites are a-flying

With your wishes and mine.



See that little girl skipping

See the way her eyes shine

And that sprightly lad kicking

Pebbles soaked in brine.

Surely there is nothing

That should differently define

The hopes they are inheriting

Their tomorrows to design.



These times that are churning

May be a welcome sign

Society’s belly regurgitating

Before patriarchy’s shrine.

Why see ourselves as standing

On different sides of the line

The world that I dream of

Isn’t that also thine?



Life is for celebrating

And our selves to refine

The chance for unearthing

Gems from our spirit’s mine

So here’s to love and living

A quaff of the heady wine

That is eternally brewing

In the heart of the divine.


Posted by on February 15, 2013 in Poetry


A wound is a door

“A wound is a door through which the light comes in”



A wound is a door
The way through which
The light comes in.

See it not as a sore
Nor seamlessly stitch
The gash too thin.

Nor choke the cells
With raging regret
Or toxic bitterness.

Let each sinew smell
Of what is thought and felt
With wholesome awareness.

If you need a pill
For the pain to cease
And a way to cope

Let each crevice fill
With the fragrant breeze
From the blooms of hope


Posted by on February 9, 2013 in Poetry

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