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The waters were still

She could see the sand

Down there in the deep.


Her feet traced ripples

That tore the clouds

And made each white bit leap.


The sashaying weeds

Beguilingly beckoned

To join them in their ranks.


The fishes, they tickled

As they kissed her toes

The sun ignored their pranks.


She longed to dive

And be embraced

By the river’s majestic swell


To lie still and listen

To stories and songs

From a distant dell.


But a cold wind whispered

Of hidden whirlpools

As she bent forward from the edge.


Hesitant to jump

Reluctant to leave

Petrified  by a pledge.


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Darkness before twilight


She sat on the steps

Selling her sadness

That struggled in her eyes.

Her palm outstretched

Seeking in silence

A glance from the passerby.


His mildewed stare

Was stubborn and still

His back so bent ,but unbroken.

The crowd streamed past

Nimbly flicking aside

The darts of his words,unspoken.


A son somewhere

Shook himself loose

Of bonds that had become a chain.

A daughter rejoiced

As she distanced herself

From an old couple who’d become a bane.


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