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Words are like darts

Sharpened and venom coated

Intended to injure

Aimed with precision

And released with the force

Of anger drawn  well.


When the wound starts

To fester  unreported

“Tis better to endure

A clean incision

Than live with the chaos

Of gangrenous cells


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“I am dumb to tell” -borrowed from Dylan Thomas

This is my contribution to the above link:  Hope you like it Amy:-)

You fling your chiselled  words at me

Well aimed, intended to hurt.

I twist and turn and then flee

My mind in disconcert.

Afar,  I find a place to sit

In a silent, empty nook

The darts embedded, I slowly pick

Quite a while, it took.

Then I heard the urgent  voice

Of the tiny red-hued drops.

And from my hurt , this I learnt

When your pain ends, mine stops.


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Pregnant with poetry
Building bridges between
Your heart and mine.

Picking petals so pretty
Stringing dreams , it’s been
Skipping along, just fine.

Writing reams in a hand
Known to none but you and me
And the mysterious night sky.

Embracing our thoughts
Like the shore by the sea
And holding us up high.

And then I spoke
And my words went scattering
Like shards of glass
On a hardened floor.

Reality awoke
My wild imaginings
They glared at me askance
And walked out of the door.


Posted by on November 4, 2011 in Poetry


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