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Ah..If only!!

No longer scared of death
Nor of the stealthy darkness
The heart’s whining wantoness
Be just a streak of madness.

No longer weak or weary
No search for sustenance
No looking over the shoulders
At the retreating distance.

No more knots to unravel
No more yarns to spin
No sighs over roads not taken
No qualms about guilt and sin.

Things are as they are
Surrender would make me free
That’s not how I always am
That’s how I’d like to be!


Posted by on November 14, 2011 in Poetry, Reflections



Pregnant with poetry
Building bridges between
Your heart and mine.

Picking petals so pretty
Stringing dreams , it’s been
Skipping along, just fine.

Writing reams in a hand
Known to none but you and me
And the mysterious night sky.

Embracing our thoughts
Like the shore by the sea
And holding us up high.

And then I spoke
And my words went scattering
Like shards of glass
On a hardened floor.

Reality awoke
My wild imaginings
They glared at me askance
And walked out of the door.


Posted by on November 4, 2011 in Poetry


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