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Stepping into silence

The silence slowly  filters the trash

Floating on the sultry  surface

It dredges the slimy silt of thoughts

Piled up  with no purpose.


Just me and my awareness of  breath

That steadily  goes in and out

Just my closed lids that takes  me within

From  the world of worries without


Just a picture of a lucid pool

With the sunrays reaching deep

Just the joy of a little doe

As through the grass it leaps.


Just a stretch of soft white snow

That I  joyfully plod through

Just the green of a lotus leaf

On which sits a drop of dew


Just  a bunch of purple flowers

Peeping through the crevice of  a rock

Just  a slice of endless time

That’s not measured by a clock .


Just the languidness of a village  path

Winding through the palms

Just some   images seeped  in beauty

That soothes and cheers and calms.






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Some mornings

Some mornings are more fresh
Than others
Like washed linen
Taken in after the sun
Has kissed it free
Of all the germs
And made it crisp and fragrant

Some moments are a mesh
That gathers
Silence from the din
Before the day has begun;
That makes you see
And you come to terms
With Life’s agreement.
pahalgam 061


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It’s been a while

It’s been a while
Since I scooped
A fistful of flowers
From the meadows green.

It’s been a while
Since I watched a bird
Hover over a branch
To perch and preen.

It’s been a while
Since I walked bare-feet
O’er the tingling grass
Wet with the dew of dawn

It’s been a while
Since I stole a song
From the hum of the breeze
And the sounds of morn.

It’s been a while
Since I stood in the shade
To squint at the sun
Through the fluttering leaves

It’s been a while
Since I stretched my hand
To catch the rain
Falling from the eaves.

It’s been a while
Since I slowed down
Without any need
For my hours to fill.

It’s been a while
Since the silence seeped
Through my senses
And my thoughts stood still.

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Pregnant with poetry
Building bridges between
Your heart and mine.

Picking petals so pretty
Stringing dreams , it’s been
Skipping along, just fine.

Writing reams in a hand
Known to none but you and me
And the mysterious night sky.

Embracing our thoughts
Like the shore by the sea
And holding us up high.

And then I spoke
And my words went scattering
Like shards of glass
On a hardened floor.

Reality awoke
My wild imaginings
They glared at me askance
And walked out of the door.


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