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Zohaan’s diary-Part-1

Dear friends,

I’ve been off blogging for some months now. And if you read the next few posts I’m going to put up, you’ll know why. I’ll let you get an idea of what’s taking up my time and attention through the words of the “centre of attraction” himself. So here goes 🙂

Hi folks 🙂 I’m Zohaan and I’m all of eleven months old.

zohaan 11mths

nachu and tariq

Really , how time flies! It seems like it was yesterday that I opened my eyes to see this world for the first time. Pretty dreamy ,that initial phase. Not much I could focus on other than feeding, sleeping, peeing , shitting and sometimes crying crankily at dusk. The elders who hovered around me ,would tell you that perhaps the crying was due to cholic. Me….I think I just wanted to make my presence felt. It’s never too early to start.This is a competitive world, right? If they think that I’m one of those meek,submissive ones , I’ve had it. My mom would feed me even if I didn’t cry, I’m sure. But why take chances? Besides, I keep hearing the grown-ups talking about some film , “Don’t mess with the Zohaan”. See? There is already a lot of pressure on me.
zo baby

Some of those who came to visit me at the hospital and at home, I’m gradually getting to know better with subsequent meetings. A few of them , of course have more constant access to his royal highness. Don’t blame me for that high sounding appellate. The way they fuss around me, you’d think I was no less. I’m not complaining. Honesty is best cultivated at a very young age , they say. So I won’t pretend. I love all the attention.

zahira and daddy



Now I’m able to crawl around, stand with support , heave myself up on a few steps of the staircase, hold , pull and drop stuff. Pretty co-ordinated my muscles are getting to be. I can let go of things , but still averse to throwing. Don’t know what that says about me. Man! But have I progressed or what!!! Gosh, it used to be so frustrating when I couldn’t even take my hand to my mouth and couldn’t even talk about it!! Now I can scream and say a lot . Yeah , it still comes out as “”. But I know that I’ve got the grammar and vocabulary, all arranged correctly, in my mind. Some technical problems with the vocal cords and the placement of the tongue etc. It’ll soon be sorted out , I’m sure.

Oh ! And I love food. I keep hearing stories about kids testing the patience of their moms by being fussy about eating. See, I have no intention of spending my energy nay-saying all the time . So keep it coming folks, I say and make it taste different each time. I get bored eating the same stuff.

It’s a little embarrassing that I still pee in my pants. I’m trying to make small sounds that will give them a hint of what’s on the way.Sometimes they catch on. Sometimes they’re just too dumb or preoccupied. Well , handle it yourselves then…what else can I say?

This house my grandma(my mom’s mother) stays in, is quite nice. Lots of crawling space because she doesn’t have much furniture around the place And the lane outside is pretty nice too. I get to see lots of butterflies and dragonflies and pigeons. Then there are two dogs who have become regular visitors outside the gate, whenever I am around. You see, I spend most of the day here, as my momma has to go to the office. And Ummamma ,as I have started calling her , is crazily in love with me. So it’s fun. She swoons when I call her that. So now I’m slowly getting to learn when to use it to my advantage, particularly when she is kind of angry( half the time I think she is just putting on a show) if I go towards corners I’m not supposed to, or pick up that little speck which her broom and mop overlooked. The poor woman has pretty much made the house “Zohaan-proof” as my other gran described it. She’s tied the legs of the chairs to the table legs , so they won’t fall over when I try to stand using them for support and got my dad to cover most of the plug-points within my reach. They are constantly under-estimating me of course. Sometimes, I have to marvel at myself..that I’m learning so much in spite of them.

I’m planning to share my experiences with you. So stay tuned. Okay? Signing off now,



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