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The colour white

The white of the mantle
Of freshly fallen snow
The white of the candle
Beneath the flickering glow

white mantle of snow

The dark waves that break
In a spray of foam.
The creamy topping of the cake
Cottony clouds that roam

white cottony clouds

White letters on a keyboard
A white horse that races
White walls beneath red tiles
A bride’s gown and laces.white waves

White idlis and rice
Thermocol in cases
White lilies in the garden
The white streak that a jet traces.

The white of a baby’s eyes
Coconut scrapings on a plate
The blank whiteness of a page
Blooms on a trellised gate.

white moon

White sliver of a moon
White chalk on a slate
White kernel of a seed
Biding its time and fate.

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