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What makes me happy

I recently read an article about Martin Seligman and his book “Flourish” in which he talks about happy people. He says there are three kinds of happy people.

“The first happy life is the pleasant life. This is a life in which you have as much positive emotion as you possibly can and the skills to amplify it.

The second is a life of engagement: a life in your work, in your parenting,your love,your leisure: time stops for you.

And the third, the meaningful life”.

Made me ponder about what are the things that makes me happy. Family for sure, my kids and grandchild being on top of the list. Their happiness intensifies mine.

The fact that I am able to approach aging with acceptance and even exult in the process makes me happy because I had looked upon it with apprehension in my forties .

That I have by now gained enough self esteem to be confidently accepting of the decisions I made in my life , for good or for bad and to see them as the inevitable signposts in my learning curve makes me happy.

Travelling makes me happy . New places and new people constantly charm me.

Losing myself in a book, a good movie , music, the myriad expressions of nature, the company of good friends, being with children, creativity -my own or that of others make me happy.

That I have the willingness in me to reach out and help in whichever way I can and that I have the humility to accept help from others makes me happy.

That I have the realisation that ups and downs are an essential leitmotif to the narratives of all of human existence and that I can see the travails of my life with that perspective and wait for the bad times to blow over makes me happy.

That I am fully aware that every saint and sinner is part of me and that I am part of them , makes me happy.

That I have to a certain extent learnt to live in the moment, makes me happy. Gosh! that’s a lot of happiness 🙂

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