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Let’s merge our voices

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Here in India, we had a king
Ashoka, who gave up war
After hundreds had bled
To gory deaths and hundreds
Had been injured.

It’s way beyond depressing
To know that we’ve come this far
Learning nothing and instead
We still live with hatred
And to violence inured.

It’s those politicians , we say
And feel absolved of our guilt
As if we were deaf and blind
As if we didn’t know
That our silence would us indict

Ceaselessly and remorselessly we slay
Compassion and regret
We search and cannot find
A reason to restore
Our unfettered insights.

War will stay, we repeat
It always was there and will be
And we pretend to be convinced
Of its inevitability and our lack of choices
And the compulsions of history.

Dare we tackle and defeat
Dare we mock at the fallacy
Of believing our future is jinxed
Shall we merge our singular voices
To beckon our sanity?


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