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What am I?

This is written in response to the prompt on the following link:

What am I?
Cells and tissues
Blood raging through?
My beliefs and views
That I thrust on you?

The rise of a wave
Pulled by the heavens afar?
A truant from the grave
Under the spell of a star?

A soul that’s been writhing
In anger and pain
Barren land that’s been waiting
To be graced by the rain?

A bit of the bamboo
A chunk of the weeds?
A slice of the song
Slipping through the reeds?

A self that’s been bound
By sorrows and strife
Going round and round
Through the circle of life?

A speck of dry dust
In the wind that is sown?
A lasting abundance
In which “I” will drown?

What am I?


Posted by on August 15, 2011 in Poetry, Reflections


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