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Strange whisperings

Something that was buried deep

Breathes and grows and blossoms bright

Something that sighed in the dark

Shows its face towards the light

The scent of jasmines in the wet air

Sunset spreading streaks of gold

Ripples basking in the moonlight’s glare

Delights my senses as of old.

Vague stirrings within me,beyond expression

Mellifluous echo of violins and drums

Rainbows and roses,happy confusion

Peace presiding over the dusk that comes.

It will not last, this hour, this mood

Like sun on snowflakes will melt away

Then uneventful boredom to make me brood

Waiting for the magic of another day.


Posted by on April 28, 2011 in Poetry



Dancing till death

In crannies and crevices

They sometimes bloom

Wee little flowers

That take up no room

But they had their friends

May be lovers too

Sharing the space

In which they grew

They smile and waltz

In the summer breeze

That sweeps through the valley

Rustling through the trees

They live and die

Just as anybody else

And if nobody noticed

Why, they couldn’t care less.

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Posted by on April 24, 2011 in Poetry



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