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The tree

dying tree

The towering tree was sick
It’s branches brittle and leaves turned yellow
It’s spirit like a trembling wick
It’s roots so weak in the soil turned shallow.

The gnawing termites kept on and on
The dark thick trunk was a gaping hollow
The grass around and the homing birds
Sat with drooping heads and mood so mellow

Half asleep and half awake
The tree swayed laboriously and so slow
The sap still seeped through memories
In the hushed hours of twilight glow.


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Darkness before twilight


She sat on the steps

Selling her sadness

That struggled in her eyes.

Her palm outstretched

Seeking in silence

A glance from the passerby.


His mildewed stare

Was stubborn and still

His back so bent ,but unbroken.

The crowd streamed past

Nimbly flicking aside

The darts of his words,unspoken.


A son somewhere

Shook himself loose

Of bonds that had become a chain.

A daughter rejoiced

As she distanced herself

From an old couple who’d become a bane.


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