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Raining here and there

He has arrived

To paint the town red.

And when he  comes

The lanes get all slimy.

Yet, the mistresses are relieved

All done and said

To wallow in his love

Though his ways are now kinky.


He is a philanderer,agreed

Never sticks to one bed

Where shifting passions move

He’ll follow intently.


Seated onhis steed

Dark as nightly dread

He rides the skies above

Galloping thunderingly.


Then he slackens speed

And begins to trot instead

There, where the meadow moves

With slow serenity.


She is for him decreed

This lass by the mountains bred

Her charms, a treaure trove

Spread out enticingly.


He stops, but not with greed

He’s dizzy in his head

The hopes of a rendezvous

Swaying his fantasy.


Her senses now alive

To her destiny, she is led

Shyly she disrobes

And surrenders blissfully.


The knowing heavens don’t strive

To hold back the beast that fled

A seven hued smile proves

Their silent complicity.


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