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I would not be his bride

This is in response to the photo-prompt on the following link:

Yea, he’s got that swagger in his gait
And his speech is about control
He sure sits handsome on his steed
And that should make me drool.

But he’s all about himself, ain’t he,
As he strolls about on his ranch ?
Of macho deeds and those he shot
And those he hung on a branch.

He spells aggression in each sinew
As he rides over the cobbled street
Trapped in his image of Cowboy King
He’d want the world at his feet.

Ah, but this tall hunk here, is not my man
Though I love that cocky stride
He’s many a maiden’s dream, he is
But I would not be his bride.


Posted by on May 27, 2011 in Poetry


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