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Living and letting go



Let our lives  dance lightly on the edges of Time
Like dew on the tip of a leaf..”
Reflecting the light of love and joy
Through it’s passage brief.

Let no thoughts dull the radiance
Nor yearn to keep clinging on
Let go with grace when the time comes
And the circle will be done.




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Pitter-patter in the ears..
Nose to the wind….
Settled in a yawning void.
Languidity sneers
At the bustling mind
As it diligently toyed
With holding on firmly
Or letting go for once
To live in the moment
It isn’t easy , clearly
Dead habit shuns
Any new intent.

P.S : The first three lines have been borrowed from the status update of a Facebook friend , Jaya Nair Palikkat


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child running in the rain

Yes , sometimes we need a little washing
To rinse out the ennui and pain
Sometimes we need to push ourselves
And throw out our arms and run in the rain.

Sometimes we need to ignore the dampness
And the fears of fever and chill
And lend ourselves to love and lightness
And cup our palms , the drops to fill


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Through a chink in the curtains
Comes in the dawn
I stretch my limbs
With a luxurious yawn

The sparrows assemble
Outside to say
“Wake up and live
Make full this day.

Breathe in the present
Exhale memories of past
Who knows of the future
Or what shadows it will cast

This moment is shining
Made just for you
From the joy in our chirping
Take your cue”

P.S: I wrote this many years ago when I could still wake up early and when there were lots of sparrows in and around Delhi. Now , I ‘m mostly a late riser and sadly the sparrows have almost disappeared completely.


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