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Freedom comes when the past
Casts  no shadows of regret  or pain
Freedom finds me when the mind
Does not wallow in future loss or gain

Freedom thrives when my  hate and anger
Begins to wither and the heart grows calm
Freedom smiles when my passions
Ceases to simmer and gets embalmed .

Freedom holds my hand and hugs me
When I forgive myself and you
When I know that saint and sinner
Is in me , just as in you.

Freedom smiles when my neighbour’s joy
Fills my lungs and makes me sing
Freedom winks when my  prayers
Are feathers that give another, wings.

Freedom spreads its gossamer lightness
When I accept that I do not know
And I surrender without resistance
Like a leaf to  the river’s flow.

Freedom is,  when I’m aware
Of each moment in which I breathe
And all else is transient  except the love
That encompasses me like a sheath.

This is in response to the prompt on Free write Friday on the following link:


Posted by on July 7, 2012 in Poetry


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