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A ride in the skies

This is in response to the photo prompt given in the following link:

As thrilling as a ride
In a hot air balloon
The newness of our love.
Me, a young bride
In your arms would swoon
We nestled like turtle doves.

Far from the shackles
Of the ordinary world
In the lightness of love, we rose
A space for ourselves
We slowly unfurled
Our hearts in tipsy throes.

Communing with the clouds
Borne by the breeze
We were young and so full of hope
From the madding crowds
We had found release
So happy we were to elope.

The summits and the sea
The forests and the fields
Smaller and smaller grew.
Unbindingly free
Giddily we reeled
No fetters of fear, we knew.

But then came the storm
Wind and black thunder
We struggled to stay afloat.
Strange is Life’s norm
Ripping asunder
The sails of a wind-borne boat.

All tangled we lie
Here in the slush
The sky seems a distant illusion
The escaping sigh
From the dreams that we crush
Now mocks at our earthly delusions.


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