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The world needs more love letters

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Inside of us, there is a swirling sea
Of anger, hate and fear
And each huge wave sweeps relentlessly
As through our lives, we steer.

The waters rush over rugged rocks
And amidst slimy, tangled weeds
The distant shore sure seems to mock
When our bruised spirits bleed.

Darkness lurks behind the setting sun
In the shadows prowls the night
O’er the horizon, clouds on the run
Dusk puts up a losing fight.

The cold descends like a blanket dense
Not a star shines in the sky
The silence seems so immense
As the hours slink slowly by.

But just when it can’t get more bleak
The turbulence does end.
And the words of hope that the air then speaks
The despairing heart befriends.

It’s early yet to let the paddles rest
The striving will go on.
But then will come at Fate’s behest
A new resplendent dawn.


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And then it rains!

They’re breaking rocks
Bare relentless skies;
Bare backs glistening
With streams of sweat;
And then….it rains!

Arms that lock
Passionate cries
Love lies straining
Before it rests
And then….it rains!

The withering crops
Foresee their demise
The farmer stands ruing
His life accursed
And then it …it rains!

The clock stops
When in her arms, he dies
The clouds all knowing
Share her regret
And then…it rains!

A rotting corpse
Amidst buzzing flies
The warfield brooding
Over bloodied breasts
And then…it rains.

Across the treetops
The pregnant skies
Smiles at the babe suckling
At the mother’s breasts
And then…it rains!!


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Swinging moods


The house has been white-washed clean
The knick- knacks all so neatly placed
Floors polished bright and stains erased
Not a speck of dust to be seen.

Only I know where the musty cellars are
Where cobwebs hang in listless loops
Where broken door frames make you stoop
Where hope ferments and dreams turn sour.


When nobody is watching
I take them out
Tiny gems that catch the rays
And dazzle with their brilliance

They’ve been mine
For a long, long time
I’ve never let them go.
For if I do, I’d lose myself
Don’t dreams define us, in a sense?


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