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In absolute silence,

The wind recites poetry

In hushed whispers

The leaves applaud

In a slow gait

The branches sway

Composing music

On their own accord.

In demure grace

The grasses bend

To sing to the earth

It’s favourite song

The frilly lace

Of the river lends

A  spriteliness

As it flows along

In wild abandon

The setting sun

Fills the skies

With crimson paint

Across the fields

The homing birds

Become specks

Far and faint.

Hush,listen to

The nightingale

Forlorn , it sings

Of parting and pain

Feathers crumpled

And its head bent

It‘s teardrops mingle

With the rain


P.S: The first two lines of this poem was “lifted” from the Facebook status update of a friend:-)


Posted by on September 1, 2012 in Poetry


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