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Some mornings

Some mornings are more fresh
Than others
Like washed linen
Taken in after the sun
Has kissed it free
Of all the germs
And made it crisp and fragrant

Some moments are a mesh
That gathers
Silence from the din
Before the day has begun;
That makes you see
And you come to terms
With Life’s agreement.
pahalgam 061


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Our hearts must find reasons

The earth knows no boundaries

The wind knows no walls.

The soft rays of sunlight,

The snow and rain that falls

On the mountains and the valleys

Does not winnow or sieve

To choose one over the other

Their beneficence  to give.


Our hearts must find reasons

To align and blend

With the spirit behind nature

And read the messages it sends





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Rhyme and reason

Free verse doesn’t come easily to me
I like to loop words together
In orderly segments of time.

It must be all those classes of poetry
Memorising poems tied to the tether
Of metre and rhyme.

It could be an apprehension
Of letting thoughts run away
Like naughty kids on the grounds.

Or a notion that perfection
Would be lost in disarray
Of syllables and sounds.

But at the end of the day
It’s how I say best
What my heart whispers to me

So when words begin to stray
I pull them back to the test
Of sequestered harmony.


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