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Raag -Vrindavani Sarang

A lazy noon resting under the trees
It’s head in the shade and feet stretching
Towards the sun.
A cow’s tail flicking slowly at flees
As it listened to decibels decreasing
In the air that spun
The hour without a crease
For the evening that was waiting
To wear it when done.


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Listening to the heart

  Notes floating into the night Each with a slice of the soul Sombre , sad, and  in sheer delight Spinning sections  into a whole.   Distilled grief  sits on the strings And tweaks  a soulful strum Pounding heartbeats with them bring A rhythm to the drum.   Beauty blows soft and slow Wafting through the flute Following where the pug marks go To tame the tempestuous brute   Behind closed eyes, tears lurk Shining with unspoken sorrows Sighs squat while hope at work Paves the road for a new tomorrow.

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