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And then it rains!

They’re breaking rocks
Bare relentless skies;
Bare backs glistening
With streams of sweat;
And then….it rains!

Arms that lock
Passionate cries
Love lies straining
Before it rests
And then….it rains!

The withering crops
Foresee their demise
The farmer stands ruing
His life accursed
And then it …it rains!

The clock stops
When in her arms, he dies
The clouds all knowing
Share her regret
And then…it rains!

A rotting corpse
Amidst buzzing flies
The warfield brooding
Over bloodied breasts
And then…it rains.

Across the treetops
The pregnant skies
Smiles at the babe suckling
At the mother’s breasts
And then…it rains!!


Posted by on July 24, 2011 in Poetry


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