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The eyes are windows of the soul

The eyes are windows
Of the soul
Reflecting both
The fair and foul

Behind empty smiles,
Words smart and sly
We may pretend and preen
But eyes don’t lie.

They can be bridges
When silence is a river
They can be swords
That silently sever

They can destroy
With contempt
They can reach out
And connect.

They can welcome you
Or shut you out
They can whisper
Or really shout.

They may entreat
Or ooze charm
They can instigate
Or disarm

Rage and ruthlessness
Fear and fun
They can coax you to stay
Or make you want to run.

Eyes are the windows
That let you look inside
Before the curtains are drawn
And truth hurries to hide.

P.S. The first line is borrowed from a status update of a blogger friend Usha Pandit


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