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Happiness, elusive nymph
Vanishing when almost in your hold
A glimpse you have in your hour of triumph
Tantalising vision in silver and gold.

You reach out and she slips away
Into the forests of consciousness
You follow-often led astray
The way is rough, the jungle dense.

Tired-frustration growing on you
You lean against an ample bark
Dreaming of sunbeams dancing on dew
She is there again, an apparition in the dark.

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Test by Fire

A tiny flittering flame
Sheltered in the hollow
Of my palm.

My face seems not the same
Warm and radiant
And utterly calm.

A circle of light
In the dark environs
Repelling all my fears.

The breeze is slight
As I step outside
The music seems so near.

The gale which comes
Fans the flame to fire
Scorching singing heat

My legs turn numb
Couldn’t move on
Nor could I retreat.

And as I bore
The fire and heat
This promise I made to me

Like amorphous ore
That melts and hardens
Just so, would I have to be.


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