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When the storm comes

This is in response to the prompt link:

When the storm comes
The shore stands still and petrified
Closing its eyes to the angry waves
Frothing at the mouth
When the storm comes
The black rocks watch the mud-banks slide
Listening to the wind snarl in the caves
Smelling the stench of death.

When the storm comes
It’s furious frenzy shakes the trees
Shattering sounds of breaking glass
Heralding the deluge.
When the storm comes
The skies break open o’er the lee
Lashing through the rows of grass
Drenching drops , so huge.

When the storm comes
Nature sways in the dance of death.
Cowering in the aisles, we pray
Waiting for the curtain- fall.
When the storm comes
The earth sits with bated breath
Knowing that this too will pass away
And calm will takes its call.


Posted by on May 30, 2011 in Poetry


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