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Hi everyone,

Am new to this space.

More than half a century behind me and none the wiser for it. Have fallen down, bruised myself, shaken off the dirt ( at least ostensibly) and plodded on. As is the case with those zillions of travellers, who have walked this planet in search of sense and security, never truly grasping it, except when surrounded by the warmth and glow of genuine affections.

For what else is that constant craving that underlies the struggle of all our waking hours and that which inhabits our sleep and dreams, but the longing to be known and loved, to be recognised in our separate identity, to be accepted for what we are! The extroadinary amongst us climb mountains and conquer peaks, surf the seas and brave the storms, travel across unchartered territories, take wing and soar with the wind, far above the plains and lowlands. They dare, but their daring would be put to nought ,were there no witnesses. How lonesome would they be, how unhappy, if their daring and courage did not find recognition and applause.

As for the rest of us ordinary mortals, we scurry about like little ants, finding acceptance and comfort in merely following the line of ants before us, toiling ceaselessly and hoarding

The incessant whisper in all consciousness, both glorious and mundane is however just  simply this. Hey, here I am. This is what I am …Love me for what I am . Accept me thus.

Yet, all the wise men, who have gone before us, the saints and seers , prophets and avatars, who have had glimpses of the unknown, have invariably spoken of the need for the annihilation of our ego, what we percieve as our separate selves, in order that we reach a state of pure peace and joy. In those rarest of rare moments, when this becomes faintly oh so faintly possible, when we look into ourselves truthfully, all our insecurities, fears, jealousies, arrogance and complexes ,indeed all of our negativities do melt away, for that which you are , I am and so i cannot fear you or chide you or ridicule you. I cannot be vain or supercilious for that which I am , you are too.

I  come to this space  with that spirit of oneness…easy to proclaim of course, hard to live by, lifetimes to really achieve. But we should all try, shouldn’t we?


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