Natural rhythms

03 Apr

Summer has set in here in the North. Days of dust now, continually parched throats and the longing for “Lassi” and “nimbu paani”, most of all for ice cold water.


The blooms of Spring are withering now and  the gardens around  have started     losing  their exuberance. Malis will now depend on the  lushy green “kochia” plants and the different hues of the “morning glory” to bring some colour to the drabness of Summer.



But all along the roads, the trees which had gone into sleep mode are slowly waking up to life. Tender green leaves are sprouting up on every branch singing songs of fresh hope . The cassia and gulmohar tress are waiting in the wings to astound us all and rock the stage with their vibrant yellow and red swirl. The bougainvillea and jacqueranda will be there too .


How varied is Nature and how well programmed . Imagine the roots of these trees going deep down into the earth and nourishing itself  , biding their time in pregnant mode, just so that they may bring forth beauty and hope to our starved eyes , when the sun beats down relentlessly. There is no rush , no inducement to compete with the winter blooms; they just stand there in all their placidity , just living out their natural rhythms, whether we consciously applaud their presence or just pass them by, taking them for granted.


And then there will be the water melons to slake our thirst and the luscious mangoes to indulge our tastebuds. No wonder Man got into this trip of assuming that everything else in Nature is there to serve us. It does  look like that from a certain perspective, doesn’t it? I’d like to think that there are lessons in living that we could borrow from around us. ..that everything in Nature has a reason and rhyme.

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Posted by on April 3, 2011 in Reflections


One response to “Natural rhythms

  1. Shivaja

    April 4, 2011 at 8:26

    Natural rhythms which man takes for granted! True that everything in nature has a rhyme and reason, how beutiful it would be if man would blend with that!


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