No answers , yet

24 Mar

No answers,yet

The house is quiet

Me,   alone with my thoughts

A lot many of them ,

I must confess.

Why strifes and struggles

Why loss and gain

Why minds light as laughter

And hearts  under duress?



What is the truth ?

What is it for me?

The certainty  of death

And human misery?

Or is it the innocence

That we’ve lost on the way?

Is it the hope that

We’ll  retrieve it some day?



Am I complete in myself ?

Is that the truth?

Why then  do  we search

For something  outside ourselves?

Will peace descend

When I detach ?

Why this longing to be part

Of your consciousness?




Why do I keep dreaming

Of a mindscape

Where we don’t need to hunt

Or find escape

Me the saint

And me the sinner

And you the lion

And you the deer




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Posted by on March 24, 2011 in Poetry


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